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Jan 10, 2013 5:00am EST
president meets with representatives of gun owners groups. the nra believes any restrictions violates the constitution. >> i don't want any part of my freedom taken away. >> reporter: vice president biden says he believes new laws can make it through congress because newtown, connecticut changed the political landscape here in washington, d.c. >> touch the heart of the american people so profoundly. the young children not only being shot, but rittled with bullets. >> reporter: still skeptics say new gun laws won't prevent criminals from getting their hands on dangerous weapons. >> it's not going to matter. >> reporter: but the vice president says he and president barack obama are determined to act. >> the vice president also said he is talking to justice department officials to see what steps the president might be able to take through connective orders instead of getting congress to pass new laws. >> and now the gun control debate is not just happening between capitol hill and the white house, in the 2013 maryland general assembly, the governor said he intends to submit a bill that w
Jan 11, 2013 5:00am EST
thursday's meeting with vice president joe biden. nra officials say the administration is more concerned with taking away gun rights than protecting children. the white house is meeting with advocates from all sides in the wake to have the newtown school shooting. >>> you can see why passengers might have been a bit startled when they looked out the window of the qantas plane. they may have thought they were extras in the samuel l. jackson movie "snakes on a plane." there's a snake a long one caught between the wing and the body of the plane. this particular python is not poisonous and the snake did freeze to death in the high altitudes so no concern for -- welfare of the passengers. still a little scary. >> wow. >>> if you're counting down the hours until the weekend, well, help out with sneak peeks of the new movies you can see the heat -- see in theaters. >> at 5:35 outgoing secretary leon panetta talks budget concerns with the sequestration still looming. >> next at 5:15 howard tells us how many days will be in the 60s, maybe even a 70 before it gets much colder. we'll be back. turke
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2